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Declaration of Faith

1. Kalima Tayyab (Declaration)


“There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad (SAWW) is the Apostle of Allah”. (more)  

2. Kalima Shahadah (Submission of Evidence)


"I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah, the one, who is without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (SAWW) is His Servant and Apostle." 

3. Kaima Tamjeed (Glory of Allah)


"Glory be to Allah and praise; there is no deity but Allah, Allah is the Greatest, and there is no power, no might but from Allah, the Highest, the Greatest.

4. Kalima Tauheed (Oneness of Allah)


"There is none worthy of worship but Allah, He is ONe and has no partner, His is the Kingdom (of the whole Universe) and unto Him is due all Praise, He gives life and He causes death, In his hand is all good, and He has power over all things."

5. Kalima Astaghfaar (Seek Forgiveness)


"I seek forgiveness form Allah, who is my sustainer, for all my sins which I committed intentionally or mistakenly, covertly. I repent from Him for those sins which I am aware of, and also of those sins which I am not aware of. Certainly you are best aware of matters of Unseen. And You are ---

6. Kalima Raddil-Kufr (Refutation of Disbelief)

Meaning: "O Allah verily do I seek refuge in Thee from associating any partner with Thee knowingly, I beseech Thy forgiveness for the sins which I am not aware of, verily, Thee are the Best Knower of all secrets. I repent for all the sins and make myself proof against all teaching except the teachings of Islam. I have entered the fold of Islam, and I hereby declare: - There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad (SAWW) is the Apostle of Allah."

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