The Worldly Benefits of Obedience

  • Sustenance is increased.

  • Receives blessings and bounties of all kinds.

  • Problems and difficulties distance themselves.

  • Experiences ease in fulfilling his needs.

  • Experiences a life of contentment.

  • Rains become plentiful.

  • All types of calamities are warded off.

  • Allah becomes very kind and helpful.

  • Angels are commanded to keep his heart strong.

  • Gets true respect and honour.

  • His status is raised.

  • Everyone has love for him in their hearts.

  • The Quran becomes a source of deliverance on his behalf.

  • If he experiences any material loss, he is compensated with something better.

  • Experiences an increase in blessings day by day.

  • There is an increase in his wealth.

  • Experiences comfort and tranquility in his heart.

  • All these benefits pass on to the next generation.

  • Experiences unseen glad tidings in this very world.

  • Hears and receives the glad tidings of the angels at the time of death.

  • There is an increase in his life-span.

  • Experiences abundance in things which are in small quantity.

  • Removal of Allah's anger.

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